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HTML To PHP Converter

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HTML To PHP Converter assists web developers with the task of HTML to PHP conversion by instantly producing website-ready PHP code.

This advanced tool simplifies the task, converting thousands of lines of code in mere seconds, saving you hours of repetitive work. Our HTML To PHP Converter has a powerful SHTML conversion engine, which seamlessly converts most Apache™ SSI directives to their equivalent PHP code.

For only $14.95, HTML To PHP Converter is an indispensable utility for all web programmers. Registered users are entitled to free technical support and future upgrades free-of-charge.

The solid stability and broad compatibility of the files created with HTML To PHP Converter ensure that every project you work on will be a success. Don't be fooled by poorly-built imitations which can end up costing you more than three times as much. Download the evaluation version of the original HTML To PHP Converter today to see the solution that works!

Feature List

  • Converts all special characters in HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and other code for compatibility in PHP variables and echo statements
  • Converts most Apache™ Server-Side Include (SSI) statements to their PHP equivalent syntax
  • Single local file conversion
  • Batch local file conversion
  • Website conversion downloads and converts any remote HTTP URL
  • Copy-and-paste code conversion
  • Receive your license key immediately upon registering
  • Receive all version 6.x updates free-of-charge

What's New in Version 6.1

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Other Changes Since Version 6.0

  • Rewritten from ground up to support a wider variety of machine configurations
  • Optimized conversion engine code to increase speed
  • Added support for immediate license activation

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